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Tips For Planning Your First Hens Night

June 25, 2017

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Tips For Planning Your First Hens Night


The Decadent Hens guide on how to give your bestie the night of her life whilst maintaining your sanity!


Being tasked as the maid of honor and organising a hens night is no mean feat! At Maison Burlesque (and in our former lives at Burlesque Bar) we've helped plan literally hundreds of hens nights so consider it our speciality! We've put together some helpful advice based on our years of experience to help guide you through the process.



1. Save the Date

TIMEFRAME: The earlier the better! (usually 3-4 months before the wedding)


Catch up with the bride to set aside a date for her hens night. NEVER schedule a hens night the night before the wedding! A hens night 2-6 weeks in advance of the big day is ideal, it gives the guests time in between to be comfortable in the money department to cover both events. Also of course, the bride needs time for her eyebrows to grow back before the big day!*


Also at this time the hen will need to come up with a list of people to invite - you may want to sit down with her to help decide who to invite, and don't forget to collect phone numbers and email addresses!


Send out a "Save The Date" message/email.


*NOTE: All hens and guest always leave Maison Burlesque with their eyebrows intact! ;) 



2. It's All About the Hen

TIMEFRAME: The earlier the better! (usually 3-4 months before the wedding)


When planning the date for the hens night, chat to the bride to be about what she wants out of her hens night. Does she want a complete surprise, or does she want to have final say in any major decisions? Does she have a dream activity she'd like to include? Any musts or must-nots? It's always worth checking about her comfort levels with male nudity - for some girls a male stripper or topless waiter is great fun, for others its their worst nightmare. Or maybe she'd like to set a theme and leave the rest up to you? Remember, this is her night after all!


If she wants to be surprised, chat to the other bridesmaids about what they think the bride would enjoy. Remember you are catering to a diverse group of ages, family and friends and you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.



3. Budgeting and Research

TIMEFRAME: The earlier the better! (usually 2-4 months before the wedding)


Set a budget for the entire day/evening's activities that you think will create a fabulous event without breaking the bank. Check this over with the bridesmaids.


Always allow extra wriggle room in the budget when quoting prices to guests - this extra money can cover accessories, transport costs etc (and you can always reimburse people or put towards a gift for the hen if you end up with extra $$). This way you don't end up out of pocket if you underestimate the cost of the night.


Remember that the cost of the bride is usually covered by the rest of the group (she has enough expenses coming up with the wedding!).


Take advantage of bonus extras which can save you $$ (eg Maison Burlesque can offer free entry into certain clubs afterwards, which can save up to $20 per head). Venues close together can reduce need for transport costs. Bottomless drink packages are often much more cost effective than buying drinks at bar prices. Ask for large group discounts or incentives if available.



4. Lock it in, Eddie!

TIMEFRAME: The earlier the better! (usually 1-2 months before the hens night)


Most venues and activities require deposits paid to lock in a date, and some dates of the year are notoriously busy and sell out in advance. Once you know you want to lock an activity in, get your deposit paid as soon as you can. Check about terms and conditions. Ensure that you have allowed for travel time if moving from one venue to another.


Remember that spontaneous plans with large groups rarely go so well, so you will want to have your entire day/evening planned.




TIMEFRAME: The earlier the better! (usually 2 months before the hens night)


This is the big one! Exploring different options for hens nights is the fun part! Collecting RSVPS is where it gets tricky!

Here are our tips for wrangling a large group of women!


Send out invites with details about the whole days plans, times, activities and costings. You can use our invite download to print a hard copy or edit in Word and send out as an email.


Set a theme - it might be a colour, a hair accessory, or something more decadent like 1920s, Gatsby or Burlesque. A theme is great way to get people excited and also makes it easy to keep everyone together on the night!




Set a date by which RSVPS are due. This may be guided by when full payment is required from venues/activity providers. Set your RSVP date at least one-two weeks prior to the date full payment/confirmation of number is required.


Send a reminder text/email 1-2 days prior to the RSVP date.




Provide your bank details at the bottom of the invite. Ask guests to transfer the full payment amount or a deposit amount to you by the RSVP date.  These days, a payment is the best sign of someone's commitment to attend an event, and means you won't ever be left having to pay for people who RSVP'd but didn't show on the night. Remember that the more guests, the better the deal per head you will receive generally.



6. The little Extras...

TIMEFRAME: By 2 weeks prior to the event


Think about any extras you would like to include to make the hen's night extra fun.


Research hens games and prepare any you would like to play on the night. If you would like to play hens games at a venue, let them know so you have allocated time for this. Some of the best games (eg 'How well do you know the groom') require pre-planning, so don't leave these to the last minute.


Consider extra costuming elements or prizes (chat to Maison Burlesque as we can provide gifts and accessory packs if you need).


Ask everyone in the group to bring a photograph of themselves and the bride-to-be with a short note on the back about the time that photo was taken, for use in a memory book - as many friends of the bride might only be meeting for the first time at the party, it will help can explain to everyone the story of their friendship and bonds the group together.




If you're feeling overwhelmed at any point, don't be shy to ask the other bridesmaids or the bride's family for help. Tasks such as transport, hens games, prizes can easily be delegated to someone else who will no doubt be more than happy to help!


Build excitement for a great day had by all- It's important to keep the email communication lines open and clear, and the guests will love to be informed of the goings on, but make the most of your emails and limit the amount you send.


And remember, an organised maid-of-honor should be able to relax and enjoy herself on the evening knowing that everything has been taken care of! Cheers!


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